Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yoga Postures: How to Do Yogasana

Yoga is not only the set of rules narrating how the human body can remain healthy and live long with happiness. It goes further and instructs how to practice what has been told in the yoga theories. The 5000 years old ancient knowledge of Yoga system can be an important tool for healing several adamant diseases, which makes our life miserable.
If we want to see the benefits which we can get from practicing the Yoga and Yoga Asanas, we can summarise that in nutshell as following:
  • The regular practice of Yoga Asanas keeps our life energy flowing.
  • Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice.
  • Practicing yoga Asanas would help maintaining the energy meridians of our body open and in natural conditions.
  • This helps keeping our body free from several diseases. It works as healing system, too.
  • Yoga is very much helpful in keeping our nervous system operating naturally and peacefully. The regular practicing of Yoga Asana would render our body and mind fairly in balanced state.
  • Yoga system, theories and practice, can help us in curing or healing what has gone wrong in our body due to faulty style of living. Yoga is a healing system of health care that is based on a concept of the "whole" person as one. It is based on a scientific concept that human body, mind, spirit, and emotions can remain in balance by regular practicing of the Yoga postures.
  • Many Asanas and breathing techniques are devised to help the flow of blood in our body and curing the weakness of the heart. In addition to helping the functioning of our heart, Yoga postures increase metabolism and gift us with more energy.
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