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Learning to Play the Piano

Author: Lauren Paltrow
Practice is an essential part of learning to play the piano. The trick is to practice effectively.

Piano Practice Tips

You should commit twenty minutes a day to playing the piano. This will actually help you with learning the piano since you will already have a routine in place. This will help enable you to learn and understand everything in your piano lessons at a much faster rate.

Most people don't want an audience while practicing an instrument and this remains true for the piano as well. The best time to practice playing piano would be when nobody is around to hear you play. This way you can practice without distraction and you don't have to worry about other people hearing you if you make a mistake. One thing that you have to remember when learning the piano is to be patient. You are not going to sit down and be able to play immediately. It takes time and lots of practice. When starting out you should choose a composition that is easier to understand and learn to play the tempo and tune smoothly before moving on to a new one. It does not matter whether to piece you are playing is hard or easy, the fact that you are able to play is all that matters.

During your piano practice make sure you are aware of the tempo that you are playing. Be sure to stay with the tune and not play too fast or too slow. If you need to start out playing it slow at first that is fine, but over time gradually increase the speed until you reach the tempo you should be at. Playing the composition at the right tempo will produce the emotions that you are trying to achieve within the song. During your piano practice keep your fingers and body relaxed. If your fingers become tense or cramped it will be harder for you to hit the correct keys.

If you don't notice a huge improvement in your piano skills right away don't get discouraged. It's okay. As long as you stick to your piano practice routine you will get better. The more time you spend practicing and the more you practice the better you will get. Just remember to have fun and not stress over the piano and everything will turn out fine. To ensure you are getting the most out of your practice time here are a few piano practice tips to help you out:

Keep your fingers and hands warm and relaxed while playing. Learning some finger relaxation techniques might be beneficial.

Once you are ready to sit down and play, the first thing you need to do is learn finger placement. This will allow you to play with ease. If you don't know where to place your fingers on the keys you will be continuously searching for the right note.

When you come across something that is difficult don't give up. You can always break it down into smaller parts and learn the piece that way. This way you are making small accomplishments and it will help you stay optimistic.

Now that you know some of the fundamentals of piano practice you can play the piano. Don't forget to keep practicing and always remember to have fun with the piano whether you are playing it for pleasure or for a career.
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Lauren Paltrow of, specializes in helping aspiring pianists get the info that they need to make the right choices. Lauren leads her team of piano experts in constantly reviewing new courses and products in the market to make sure you get the best value products that work for you. Check out actual user reviews of the best piano courses and products at
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Animal Related Hobbies

Author: Lily Morgan
Working with animals is a dream for many people. It might seem like something that requires training and career orientation but that really isn't so. Hobbies can be animal related. Anything you enjoy doing that involves animals is valuable in a multitude of ways. It takes a special type of person to work with animals, one that possesses patience and compassion.

Most SPCA organizations in any number of cities accept and need volunteers. The volunteers often do tasks like dog walking and playing with the animals within the care of the facility. It can be a stressful position but it needs to be done. Call your local SPCA or other animal shelter to find out how you can help. You might be amazed at the huge difference even just one person can make, plus it's rewarding.

Offering dog walking services, either paid or free is a fantastic way to get some exercise while playing with the neighbourhood pooches. Many seniors or busy families may welcome this type of service. It allows you to spend quality time with several animals while on your own time and conditions. Pet sitting goes hand in hand with dog walking. Caring for animals is a big job but one that can easily be done by the right person.

Sometimes there is nothing better than a relaxing walk or hike. Take your digital camera along and capture pictures of all of the animals that you meet along the way. This is a fine time to start a bird watching hobby if you haven't already. Alone time with nature can be a powerful and personal experience. For many there is simply nothing better than relaxing in a clearing, watching the birds and whatever else happens to come along.

One animal that is perfect for a number of hobbies is the horse. Horses are very dynamic creatures with a vast intelligence. Go out for a leisurely ride or learn how to do something a little wild like barrel racing. An old fashioned wagon is all it takes for a traditional hay ride in any season. A well trained horse will usually be safe for people of all ages, using proper safety equipment of course.

The training of animals is a full blown career for many but it often begins as a hobby. Start with your own animals at home by teaching basic obedience. If you find it to be something you have a knack for, consider a professional approach. Animal obedience training is always in demand.

There are countless animal charities and organizations that always need some kind of financial support. If fundraising is something you exceed at or would like to try, there is no better way to help needy animals than by ensuring they have much needed provisions. Many volunteers consider the work they do to be a hobby. They enjoy what they do because it makes a difference. Animal related hobbies are numerous. Take the first step in the direction that draws you for the hobby you can be proud of.
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How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Author: Erich Simko
Learning how to make paper tissue flowers is an easy and creative way to spend your time. Allow me to share with you briefly how I got started in the wonderful craft.

I was unfortunately involved in a horrific accident a while ago and bed ridden for months as a result. With all this time on my hands, I decided to read up on different ways to express myself through the art of making paper tissue flowers. This hobby proved so relaxing that I recommend it to anyone, no matter what their age or level of imagination. I even make origami flowers out of paper tissue rather than the usual origami paper. The number of ways you can create paper tissue flowers is limited only by your creativity.

There are only a handful of items that are needed when learning how to make paper tissue flower and most of them can be found right around your home. You need some tissue paper and a pipe cleaner, a pencil, a pair of scissors and a ruler. Then you will have everything needed to start and complete your project.

1) You can begin by folding each sheet the width of a pencil (accordion or fan style).

2) Then lay all the sheets on top of each other making sure all the creases meet.

3) Then fold the whole thing again, and put the pipe cleaner in the middle of the accordion.
4) Now wrap the pipe cleaner two times around the accordion and fold down the top of the pipe cleaner and twist.
5) Then, you will carefully cut off each of the ends of the accordion, making the corners round.

6) Then carefully fan out all the sheets so none are stuck together until a fluffy flower appears.
Whole flower bouquets can be made with paper tissue flowers in a broad range of sizes and colors. The petals can be folded or cut at any size imaginable. You can make larger or smaller flowers depending on your taste.

You can use many different types of colored tissue paper when designing these flowers. This will create multi-colored blossoms that will be one of the main topics of conversation at your next house party. Tie-dye or colored splashed tissue paper flowers can be used to bring some color to a dull, dreary room or to cheer up a sickly person.

A couple of months ago, I was visiting a dear, old friend in the hospital when I realized that tissue paper flowers would lighten, and cheer up her room drastically and dramatically. Because she was deathly allergic to real flowers my tissue flowers were the key. The next day I returned to the hospital and brought a vase full of my multi-colored paper tissue flowers and gave it to her. She was so happy that she began to cry. Thirty plus years I have known this lady an I never saw her so happy, and it gave me this feeling of warmth all over my body that is unforgettable.

There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you look at the finished product. I cannot begin to explain the satisfaction you will get from this inexpensive old pass time. Our great grandmothers, and their grandmothers made paper tissue flowers and now we can enjoy this sensational hobby also. It is also a very therapeutic process that is used in most nursing homes today. It helps to loosen up the fingers of patients with joint pain problems while keeping their minds working and learning.

There are no limits on what the imagination can visualize and the rewarding challenge of making these paper tissue flowers is one of the ways. I hope you will consider learning how to make paper tissue flowers like countless others. It is simply an amazing skill to have. You will be thankful you did!
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You have learned the basics of how to make paper tissue flowers. In the next step you should not have to go to great lengths to learn How to Make Paper Tissue Flowers. Erich invites you to visit his free site with images, instructions, videos and more plus this other web site on How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers which is his #1 recommended resource.
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Yoga Postures: How to Do Yogasana

Yoga is not only the set of rules narrating how the human body can remain healthy and live long with happiness. It goes further and instructs how to practice what has been told in the yoga theories. The 5000 years old ancient knowledge of Yoga system can be an important tool for healing several adamant diseases, which makes our life miserable.
If we want to see the benefits which we can get from practicing the Yoga and Yoga Asanas, we can summarise that in nutshell as following:
  • The regular practice of Yoga Asanas keeps our life energy flowing.
  • Yoga is a healing system of theory and practice.
  • Practicing yoga Asanas would help maintaining the energy meridians of our body open and in natural conditions.
  • This helps keeping our body free from several diseases. It works as healing system, too.
  • Yoga is very much helpful in keeping our nervous system operating naturally and peacefully. The regular practicing of Yoga Asana would render our body and mind fairly in balanced state.
  • Yoga system, theories and practice, can help us in curing or healing what has gone wrong in our body due to faulty style of living. Yoga is a healing system of health care that is based on a concept of the "whole" person as one. It is based on a scientific concept that human body, mind, spirit, and emotions can remain in balance by regular practicing of the Yoga postures.
  • Many Asanas and breathing techniques are devised to help the flow of blood in our body and curing the weakness of the heart. In addition to helping the functioning of our heart, Yoga postures increase metabolism and gift us with more energy.
For reading similar articles with images and instructions for how to do yoga Postures, you can visit following Links.

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I write short stories and articles about the paintings.
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Windsurfing For Children

Author: Marc Fredmen
Over the past few years windsurfing has transformed from a sport meant for professional sailors or adventure lovers. However, over the past few years windsurfing has transformed from a hard core adventure sport to a recreational activity that can be practiced by amateur surfing enthusiasts of all ages. Children have especially taken up windsurfing in a large way.

Windsurfing Guide for Kids

There are many reasons for children increasingly taking up windsurfing. The most important reason is the availability of quality windsurfing gear like helmets, lifejackets and harnesses. These elements have completely reduced the risk factor to minimal and made windsurfing hugely enjoyable for children. Eight and ten year old children can now easily take up windsurfing for fun or as an early start to a professional windsurfing career. Another reason is because parents have increasingly encouraged children to take up outdoor activities like windsurfing. Such an activity not only provides exercise for children but also provides them with an opportunity to enjoy fresh air conditions.

To ensure that kids develop a yearning for windsurfing, parents should follow a few basic steps:

1. Selecting the right windsurfing equipments is vital. It is recommended that children start surfing on boards that comprise of a centerboard or a center fin along with a suitable size sail.

2. It is a good idea to take your child to a lagoon (waist deep) or flatwater locations for his initial windsurfing sessions.

3. To allow very young and light weight children to surf easily, it is a good idea to cut the tail fin into half so that it becomes easier for the child to maneuver the board.

4. Do not make the child go through too many technical details of wind conditions. This can kill the child's interest and drive him away from the sport. Instead start with small fun sessions like board balancing and paddle games. This would keep the child engaged and create an urge to practice the sport more.

5. You can take your child along on your surf board initially. This would develop his interest and also allow both of you to enjoy the session together.

6. Select windsurfing places such that it is frequented with children so that your kid finds fellow windsurfing friends.

7. Also, always keep a tether rope ready so that it becomes easier for the child to get on board and he does not have to swim a long distance. This is to ensure that he does not get tired very soon.

Windsurfing Kids Camp

If you want your child to pursue windsurfing on a more serious note, it is a great idea to enroll him to a windsurfing camp. Although, you can start by teaching him yourself, a camp can teach him the finer details and guide him through a systematic channel. There are several windsurfing clubs that organize regular camps for children. These camps provide great training facilities exclusively for children.

Remember that children would take up windsurfing only when they are initiated in the right way. The lessons must be completely based on a fun and learn concept for kids to take up windsurfing more seriously.
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An expert windsurfer, Marc Fredmen provides windsurfing tips and details on basic windsurfing to help beginners focus on every aspect of basic windsurfing. Windsurfers of all ages can easily take windsurfing lessons here.
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Tribal Music Tattoos - Tips On Getting Your New Tattoo

Author: Dean Olmstead
If you've decided to go ahead and get a tribal music tattoo, this article can help you find your new ink!

Choosing the right design for your tattoo can be hard work. You look around for inspiration everywhere you go. When i was looking for my perfect design I had to force myself to stop looking at burly men with huge tattoos that covered their arms in case I got into trouble! But when you are looking for that perfect design you should leave yourself open to any ideas.

I wanted a tattoo that would show my individuality and that no one else had so i decided to design my own. Easy when i say it but near on impossible when i started doing it! I thought that because I had wanted a tattoo for so long that the ideas would come flooding in, instead I had to really research what i wanted. I went on line and spent most of my evening flicking through designs on the Internet.

I had found this great website that had thousands of different designs and all I had to do was pay a small fee and it even let me print them off. It was really handy because I was able to use several different designs and put them together to make my ideal tattoo. I also checked out the reviews from the same website and found that my nearest tattoo parlor wasn't all it cracked up to be. I'm so glad I read those reviews otherwise who knows what my tattoo would have come out like! I am really pleased with my tattoo but it is because I took so long to think about it and research it that I know that I have the right tattoo for me.

Good luck getting your new tribal music tattoo!
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Find more information about tribal music tattoos at the Tribal Tattoos Gallery!

Visit the Tribal Tattoo Gallery now!
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Hummingbird Bird Feeders – Choosing the right one for your garden

Author: Tom White
Hummingbirds are beautiful as well as amazing to watch and many bird watchers and gardeners are keen to attract them in to their backyards. Specially designed hummingbird feeders are the best way to do this as they provide the very hard working hummingbird with an easy, quick source of food.
Hummingbirds diet consists of mostly of sugary nectar, pollen and small insects. They have a very high metabolism and need to consume lots of sugar to keep active throughout the day.
Hummingbird feeders come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes but there are essentially two main types of bird feeders , the saucer feeder and the inverted feeder. The saucer feeder is basically a dish that is filled with a sugary liquid, hummingbirds feed on this nectar through specially designed feeding holes. The saucer feeders are often smaller (and usually cheaper) than inverted feeders and are generally easier to clean, however they need to be refilled more often and depending on their size might not be that obvious to the hummingbirds.
Inverted feeders are larger (and often more expensive) , more visible to visiting birds and don’t require regular refilling. However inverted feeders can be difficult to clean and are poor quality feeders are prone to leaking. Although there are advantages and disadvantages for both types of feeders most people choose the inverted feeders as they tend to be more effective in attracting hummingbirds. As well as deciding on the type of feeder, consider the following factors when deciding which hummingbird feeder to purchase.
Look for a feeder that is built using some red materials. Hummingbirds are attracted to red objects and are more likely to use your feeder if it’s got a red base or tube. Also choose a feeder that is easy to clean and refill. Hummingbird feeders should be refilled twice a week or possibly more depending on the number of Hummingbirds in your garden. Larger feeders are generally easier to clean and there are special brushes that can help make the cleaning process easier.
Its worth investing in a feeder that has one or more perches on it. Although it is fascinating to watch a hummingbird hover while feeder it uses a lot of energy and are more likely to feed if you provide a perch for them to rest on.
The sugary liquid in your feeder will obviously attract many insects including wasps if it leaks out of the feeder. Many feeders have built in ant and bee protectors or you can purchase them to fit your bird feeders.
Once you have got your hummingbird feeders select a visible spot that is in the sun and ideally near a flower bed. It may take a while before you see hummingbirds and a little longer before they feel confident enough to feed using your bird feeders. After a while you maybe able to bring the feeder closer to the house so you can view from a window, however do not place too close to the window otherwise the Hummingbirds may fly in to the window and injure themselves.
Once your bird feeders are in place and filled with a sweet sugary solution, sit back and wait for these beautiful birds to start feeding – it is worth all the effort when you see the Hummingbirds feeing in your backyard.
About the Author:
Tom White is the owner of stock a wide selection of bird feeders, birdhouses and bird baths to suit a variety of budgets and have been selling online since 1994. On the website you’ll also find advice on choosing bird feeders and birdhouses as well as tips on attracting birds to your backyard.
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Convenient Cooking Methods With Crock Pots

Author: David H. Urmann
A slow cooker or crock pot is an electrical cooking device for countertop cooking. A crock pot works in different ways. Learn the different methods of crock pat and cook better meals.

Slow cooker is one of the versatile tools famous for making soups and stews. Cooking can be left unattended for hours. It has a removable pot made from ceramic glaze or porcelain, along with a lid and housing that contain a thermostatic electric heating element. Crock pots can both be utilized as a cooking container and a heat reservoir.


Slow cookers come in different sizes, from 16 oz to 7 quarts. There are different temperature settings used - low, medium, high, and keep warm options.

Slow cookers typically operate at an approximate of 200 °F in low setting. It is 300o F on high setting. Medium heat is qualified at 225o to 250o F,

Raw food with water or stock can be placed inside the pot, covered and switched on. Some foods need to be preheated. Some slow cookers can switch automatically from cooking to warming (160 °F to 165°F). The heating element can stop at a constant temperature when maximum heat is reached. Vapor turns to liquid and transfers heat back to the food.

Cooking Techniques

Most slow cookers come with free recipe booklets and guidelines. Here are some methods that may help cooking with a crock pot:

Browning Meats - Raw ground meats can be added directly to the crock pot, but browning it first will give better flavor and texture. It will also reduce meat fats. A roasted meat does not need to be browned at all.

Dried Beans - There are 3 methods of cooking beans on a crock pot:

• Beans can be cooked on a high-heat setting until tender.

• Another way is to cook about 2 to 3 hours on high heat and switch to low-heat for the next 8 to 10 hours.

• beans are cooked for about 2 hours in the traditional way. Turn off the crock pot and let it sit for about 8 to 24 hours. Other ingredients can be added. You can then cook this on low heat for about 8-12 hours until it is done. This method is best for baked beans because it allows the flavor to blend.

Vegetables - Chop root crops like carrots and potatoes no larger than 1-inch thick. Chop thinly because they take longer to cook compared to leaf vegetables.

Rice and Pasta - Cook rice with ¼ extra liquid or ¼ cup of uncooked grain rice for better results. Cook pasta only until it becomes slightly tender. Do not overcook.

Liquids - Liquids easily evaporate in the cooking process. It is always safe to add a little extra when needed.

Herbs and Spices - Spices and ground herbs easily lose taste when added early in the cooking process. It is best to add them when the dish is nearly done.

Soups - To make a thinner soup, add more water after cooking. For milk-based soups, one or two cups of water is enough. Stir in milk during the last hours of cooking.

Most crock pot cooking can be made into one dish. Use a single pot to reduced washing chores. Cooking on lower temperatures make cleaning easier.

Pre-boil kidney beans first before cooking in a crock pot. Otherwise, it can cause food poisoning.
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For more information on Dinner Crock pot Recipes and Pastas and Noodles please visit our website.
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How To Wear Fashion Accessories

Author: Good Evening
With the end of the 20th century came the end of all hype which has created a more practical and pragmatic environment and has given a more stable picture of the fashion business. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Indian fashion scenario wasn't exactly colorless. It was exciting, stylish and very graceful.

Since the spread-out of malls is increasing, the major issue will be how to organize fashion retails industry, has potential of making Rs 50,000cr business by the year 2007. Indian retail would cover-up 50mn sq ft by 2007 of sales space countrywide, and nearly 50 % of the total space would be assigned for fashion retailing.

What is Fashion Trend Really About?

Your closet can give the answer. If you don't want to look at it, well.well. this resembles that you are matching your steps with the latest fashion trends. What it's relation to fashion? People stick rigidly to the rules - okay, maybe not 'YOU'. You may be one of those who walk their own way and dress as they like.

A neckerchief scarf can be worn as a:

• Headband

• Neck scarf with a collared shirt, V-neck, round neck T-shirt

• Bracelet by wrapping around multiple times and creating a cuff-type bracelet

• Tied around a plain handbag strap to add a splash of color and flair

Diamonds are of course one of the leading precious stones and maintain their position in the current fashion trends. In addition to the normal diamond the use of yellow, blue and even black diamonds are gaining in popularity.

The face is considered the focal point when communicating with others. There are certain ways that you can direct attention to your face. By wearing a necklace, earrings, a brooch or a scarf you can make your face the center of attention. Other accessories that draw attention are hair clips, head bands, hats and a tie for a man.

High heels are a necessity when achieving a professional look. Choose heels that are slender not chunky. A pair of both black heels and brown heels should be a staple in your wardrobe. This way you have a pair of heels to match any outfit.

Put on your fancy shoes no matter how elegant or expensive they may be. Choose stockings in a neutral color and if you want one with a design, choose a subtle one. If you are going to a ball or the races, wear gloves.

Another issue with kids in middle school and high school is school dress codes, since most schools have dress codes that forbid revealing clothing it may be wise for you to put your foot down before the school does and you end up having a teen that is suspended for breaking the school dress code. It is far better to end the problems before they start.

If you want to truly be successful, you have to look the part. You have to not only be good at what you do, but you have to look professional and polished. If you are too busy to be concerned about your appearance, hire a fashion consultant to help you. You will be surprised at the results
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Read About Beauty Tips Also Read About How To Wear Fashion Accessories and How To Wear Jeans With Style
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How to start a coin collection without spending too many coins?

Author: Mark Etinger
The hobby of coin collecting is unlike any other hobby. It is an entertaining past time that millions of people around the world enjoy. When your collection grows, you start to discover that there is a story behind each and every coin. Special coins can take you on a special tour through the past and provide you with better understanding of our history. Other coins tell you the journey they’ve been through. But most off all you can enjoy wonderful memories and have a legacy that lasts generations to come.
If you’d like to get into the coin collecting business there are a few things you should know - that’s why we’ve got this list together so you can have an easy start.
  1. Which coins you would like to collect? There are many and many different types of coins from all over the world and from different time frames. It’s better for you to start by focusing on a theme that interests you most. You can collect coins by years or by countries. You can collect themed coins like coins that depict your hero or a subject you’re interested in, like nature or airplanes.
  2. Start with collecting coins that are available or in circulation and see if you like it. Collect the State quarters or ask from friends that travel abroad to bring you back some coins. This is an exciting and inexpensive way to start a coin collection.
  3. If you see that coin collecting is your calling, start with doing some homework. You can find information online or in various magazines about coins and professional collectors.
  4. Get a protective album or book where you can safely store your coin collection. These albums are great when you want to display your collection and they also keep the coins protected.
  5. Finish a set before moving on to the next. Once you start a collection, you can get easily tempted to get other coins and different themes. When you finish a set, it makes it easier to have an organized and valuable collection.
  6. When your coin collection starts to gain scope and value, you should think about safe storage. Buy or rent a safe because coin collections are the first thing thieves are looking for. If you don’t have a safe, make sure that the collection is kept in a well hidden place, and not displayed around the house.
Another benefit of collecting coins is the fact that it can become pretty valuable with time. Try and work with metals that will rise in value like silver and gold but don’t go over the top. It takes time for your collection to gain value and in the meanwhile you should know your budget.
If you are looking for more information about coins and coin collections, head on to were we help Coin Collectors start and expand their collection with a wide selection of coin sets and collectors’ supplies, at the best prices available. At we are dedicated to bring you a memorable piece of U.S. history, a professional, knowledgeable Customer Service and discounted prices and shipping rates.
Continental Mint helps Coin Collectors to expand their collection with a wide selection of coin sets and collectors’ supplies, at the best prices available.
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Mark Etinger is a business strategist at Ajax Union Marketing Ajax Union specializes in Business Development and Internet Marketing
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