Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Author: Erich Simko
Learning how to make paper tissue flowers is an easy and creative way to spend your time. Allow me to share with you briefly how I got started in the wonderful craft.

I was unfortunately involved in a horrific accident a while ago and bed ridden for months as a result. With all this time on my hands, I decided to read up on different ways to express myself through the art of making paper tissue flowers. This hobby proved so relaxing that I recommend it to anyone, no matter what their age or level of imagination. I even make origami flowers out of paper tissue rather than the usual origami paper. The number of ways you can create paper tissue flowers is limited only by your creativity.

There are only a handful of items that are needed when learning how to make paper tissue flower and most of them can be found right around your home. You need some tissue paper and a pipe cleaner, a pencil, a pair of scissors and a ruler. Then you will have everything needed to start and complete your project.

1) You can begin by folding each sheet the width of a pencil (accordion or fan style).

2) Then lay all the sheets on top of each other making sure all the creases meet.

3) Then fold the whole thing again, and put the pipe cleaner in the middle of the accordion.
4) Now wrap the pipe cleaner two times around the accordion and fold down the top of the pipe cleaner and twist.
5) Then, you will carefully cut off each of the ends of the accordion, making the corners round.

6) Then carefully fan out all the sheets so none are stuck together until a fluffy flower appears.
Whole flower bouquets can be made with paper tissue flowers in a broad range of sizes and colors. The petals can be folded or cut at any size imaginable. You can make larger or smaller flowers depending on your taste.

You can use many different types of colored tissue paper when designing these flowers. This will create multi-colored blossoms that will be one of the main topics of conversation at your next house party. Tie-dye or colored splashed tissue paper flowers can be used to bring some color to a dull, dreary room or to cheer up a sickly person.

A couple of months ago, I was visiting a dear, old friend in the hospital when I realized that tissue paper flowers would lighten, and cheer up her room drastically and dramatically. Because she was deathly allergic to real flowers my tissue flowers were the key. The next day I returned to the hospital and brought a vase full of my multi-colored paper tissue flowers and gave it to her. She was so happy that she began to cry. Thirty plus years I have known this lady an I never saw her so happy, and it gave me this feeling of warmth all over my body that is unforgettable.

There is nothing better than the feeling you get when you look at the finished product. I cannot begin to explain the satisfaction you will get from this inexpensive old pass time. Our great grandmothers, and their grandmothers made paper tissue flowers and now we can enjoy this sensational hobby also. It is also a very therapeutic process that is used in most nursing homes today. It helps to loosen up the fingers of patients with joint pain problems while keeping their minds working and learning.

There are no limits on what the imagination can visualize and the rewarding challenge of making these paper tissue flowers is one of the ways. I hope you will consider learning how to make paper tissue flowers like countless others. It is simply an amazing skill to have. You will be thankful you did!
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