Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hummingbird Bird Feeders – Choosing the right one for your garden

Author: Tom White
Hummingbirds are beautiful as well as amazing to watch and many bird watchers and gardeners are keen to attract them in to their backyards. Specially designed hummingbird feeders are the best way to do this as they provide the very hard working hummingbird with an easy, quick source of food.
Hummingbirds diet consists of mostly of sugary nectar, pollen and small insects. They have a very high metabolism and need to consume lots of sugar to keep active throughout the day.
Hummingbird feeders come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes but there are essentially two main types of bird feeders , the saucer feeder and the inverted feeder. The saucer feeder is basically a dish that is filled with a sugary liquid, hummingbirds feed on this nectar through specially designed feeding holes. The saucer feeders are often smaller (and usually cheaper) than inverted feeders and are generally easier to clean, however they need to be refilled more often and depending on their size might not be that obvious to the hummingbirds.
Inverted feeders are larger (and often more expensive) , more visible to visiting birds and don’t require regular refilling. However inverted feeders can be difficult to clean and are poor quality feeders are prone to leaking. Although there are advantages and disadvantages for both types of feeders most people choose the inverted feeders as they tend to be more effective in attracting hummingbirds. As well as deciding on the type of feeder, consider the following factors when deciding which hummingbird feeder to purchase.
Look for a feeder that is built using some red materials. Hummingbirds are attracted to red objects and are more likely to use your feeder if it’s got a red base or tube. Also choose a feeder that is easy to clean and refill. Hummingbird feeders should be refilled twice a week or possibly more depending on the number of Hummingbirds in your garden. Larger feeders are generally easier to clean and there are special brushes that can help make the cleaning process easier.
Its worth investing in a feeder that has one or more perches on it. Although it is fascinating to watch a hummingbird hover while feeder it uses a lot of energy and are more likely to feed if you provide a perch for them to rest on.
The sugary liquid in your feeder will obviously attract many insects including wasps if it leaks out of the feeder. Many feeders have built in ant and bee protectors or you can purchase them to fit your bird feeders.
Once you have got your hummingbird feeders select a visible spot that is in the sun and ideally near a flower bed. It may take a while before you see hummingbirds and a little longer before they feel confident enough to feed using your bird feeders. After a while you maybe able to bring the feeder closer to the house so you can view from a window, however do not place too close to the window otherwise the Hummingbirds may fly in to the window and injure themselves.
Once your bird feeders are in place and filled with a sweet sugary solution, sit back and wait for these beautiful birds to start feeding – it is worth all the effort when you see the Hummingbirds feeing in your backyard.
About the Author:
Tom White is the owner of stock a wide selection of bird feeders, birdhouses and bird baths to suit a variety of budgets and have been selling online since 1994. On the website you’ll also find advice on choosing bird feeders and birdhouses as well as tips on attracting birds to your backyard.
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